Sketch Inclusively

Cluse is the most comprehensive color contrast plugin for Sketch that ensures your products are WCAG 2.0 accessible. Free of charge.

macOS Mojave or above • Sketch 40 or above required

Features & Usage

Working seamlessly with Sketch, Cluse empowers you to quickly test and adjust the color contrast of your designs without external resources.

Test Two Layers at a Time

Select a text layer and a shape and run Cluse.

Adjust Your Color Contrast

Sometimes that AAA is just a few shades away.

Live Preview

Designs update as you adjust your colors.

Swap Colors

Research suggests that inverted colors can be easier to read.

Easily Revert Back

Don’t like the new color? Undo and explore more options.

Why Choose Cluse?

The path to accessibility begins in the designer’s Sketch file. Cluse aims to develop inclusive design habits for the average Sketch user. However, there is no optimal way to incorporate them all into the workflow. From my interviews with interns and full-time designers, the most common manner for verifying WCAG color contrast compliance is manually pasting in HEX codes to online tools. Thus, the idea for Cluse was born.

Report a Bug

If Cluse does not work the way you’d like it to or if you find a bug,
post an issue on the Github repostitory.